Global Leadership and Support

Global Leadership and Support

When you work with Team Global Impact you are joining a community of like-minded Entrepreneurial members and leaders who are all dedicated to your success.

Looking to contact your upline or need to find some marketing methods that are working today, log into our member community and get the answers and support you are looking for in our groups and training areas or contact your upline or other leaders to get support from the team.

We believe in working cooperatively within our organization to build Team Global Impact, by having open communication with everyone on the team we can all have more success and the whole team benefits from the growth.

Exclusive Member Only Training

Exclusive Member Only Training

As a Team Global Impact Member you will have exclusive access to training from industry experts in Network Marketing Recruiting, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and more!

We have some top notch GURU’s in these areas on our team and have industry leaders outside of our organization who have committed to providing beginning to intermediate training to our members at NO COST!

The training you receive as a Team Global Impact Member is second to none and would literally cost you thousands of dollars to purchase on your own, yours FREE when you join our team.

Lead Reward System

Lead Reward System

Team Global Impact Members get exclusive access to our cooperative lead generation system, complete with landing pages and an online lead management portal.

Our network marketing lead system automatically generates leads for our team members without any direct marketing required on their part.

By simply entering your details in our lead system, after joining one of our opportunities through a Team Global Impact Member, you will be eligible to receive up to 10 leads from our site traffic for FREE and you will be given your own tracking links to send traffic to the lead system for generating leads personally and to earn additional bonus leads.

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What every Team Global Impact member receives as member of our elite team...


  • - Dozens of Training Modules
  • - Lead Capture Pages
  • - Custom Sales & Presentation Pages
  • - Advertising Co-ops
  • - Lead Management Portal
  • - Personal Team Organization
  • - Live Hangout Pages Coded to You
  • - Professional Email Follow Up Campaign
  • - Access to Our VIP Facebook Group
  • - Private TGI Events
  • - Access to Team Leaders and Top Earners


    The 4 Corners Opportunity



At TGI, we believe in the power of people—connected and collaborating. It's people that make remarkable things happen. Not systems, comp plans or companies. We help you tap the potential within your people—inspiring and enabling them to innovate, improve processes, forge strong relationships with each other, and with partners and customers. We help you attract and retain great people—and help them go further than they ever imagined.

I have never been so fortunate to be on a team with so many talented leaders. All of which contribute so much without asking for anything in return.

Like most Internet Marketers, I struggled for years to make anything work for me. It wasn't until I joined a strong team full of leaders that I started earning 5 figures a month. That's what we have here with TGI.

Clay Montgomery Clay Montgomery