Four Corners Alliance Group – Phase 3 Launch

Four Corners Alliance Group – Phase 3 Launch

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Four Corners is now at 115,000 Strong Globally!

We are implementing 6 new features in the next 2 weeks, (and another member benefit in April) that will take Four Corners to the "making millionaires" level in this industry.

Listen to this short recorded message now!!!


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With the newsletter + another income stream coming in Phase 3, earning $7 figures this year is very realistic, even 6 figures for part time members.

Making the big money faster in Four Corners is about current members being at upgrade 3 + the newsletter, and new members doing the same when they join - for a total of $89 out of pocket.

Remember - the more you put into your business, and the more your team sees you do that, the more income everyone gets out of it, because you are leading them down the right path.

Use these simple upgrade steps.

If you as a member are not at book 3 and the newsletter yet ...

Login: look under the drop down link My purchases, click my purchases, click visit your store.

You are now in your members shopping cart. Just gather the extra books (upgrades) you want and the newsletter, and checkout.

Two of the products (everyone will want) requires the $30 newsletter, so make sure to get active in it right now, or at least by March 4th.

You will see a BIG difference in about 2 weeks.

4 Corners Alliance Group


  1. Wow, sound’s very exciting and for those like me with a background in finance this is manner from heaven.

    Profile photo of Dave Hayes Dave Hayes

    March 27, 2015

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