• Steve Perkins posted an update in the group Group logo of Ad Co-op (Done-For-You Traffic)Ad Co-op (Done-For-You Traffic) 2 years, 4 months ago

    I sent Clay an instant message on FB today at 12:29 PM. It is 10:01 PM still no reply and I ordered $290 worth of his “done for you ” package. No response or any type of correspondence from Clay since my order on Aug 16 (9 days ago).

    I will next contact my sponsor into this program and if no results will then contact Four Corners Alliance Group. Clay if you actually read any of these please note I expect my order to be completed and my 500 Unique clicks delivered asap. If you cannot for some reason I expect an immediate refund. You have my email and phone number if you are having problems in the deliverability of your product contact me either way.

    Thank you,
    Steve Perkins