Solo Ads have been my favorite way to advertise to targeted prospects in the Make Money Online niche for years. It’s paid traffic and it’s also considered to be cold traffic, because these people don’t know you yet. Not until you build a relationship with them through email marketing or social media engagement or both.

With Crypto Pros, you really should be in the Platinum matrix before you consider using any type of paid traffic. Reason being, you need to have a way to get your advertising money back relatively quickly. The $25 Platinum sponsoring bonuses do exactly that.

Below you will find 2 highly recommended sources for Solo Ads.

DFY Solos is a company I (Clay Montgomery) own. I’ve been providing quality traffic for almost 3 years now. Solo Ad traffic with a bit of a unique twist. It’s all Done For You, hence the name. You choose the package you want and give me your lead capture page url and that’s all I need from you. I will write your ad copy for you. I will find the best publisher’s list for your offer. And I will setup real-tracking for you with ClickMagick. I do not have an affiliate program because I chose to make my prices lower than the competition instead.

Udimi is a Solo Ad Marketplace that’s free to join. You can search for solo ad providers based on specific criteria like price, number of clicks available, etc. Be careful about who you order from as there are some scammers on Udimi. They normally get caught eventually but there are a few things you can look at that will protect you. Only use sellers who have a rating of 90% or higher. Obviously the higher the better. And only sellers who have a positive history of 90 days or more.

Udimi also has an affiliate program so be sure to enter your affiliate ID in the box under the Join button and save it after you have signed up for a Udimi account.