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Don't you love contests with cool prizes? Of course you do. Who doesn't? Well, technically this is not a contest because it's not based on performance and nobody is competing against each other. This will be a random drawing using all the eligible entrants' email addresses and RANDOM.ORG. At the close of the drawing, all participants will be notified and can then see on that you were in fact on the entrants list and winners can see that they were randomly chosen as a winner.

This drawing will run from 4pm CDT Friday, August 14th 2015 through midnight CDT the night of August 31st, 2015. The actual drawing will take place September 2nd, 2015.


THE PRIZES:  There will be 2 prizes, i.e 2 winners randomly selected from all eligible entrants.

1st Place Prize:  A 500 Click Solo Ad - Valued at $300.00

2nd Place Prize:  A 200 Click Solo Ad - Valued at $120.00


RULES AND ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS:  Make sure you read this part carefully. I would hate to see someone disqualified because they missed one thing.

  1. You must be a registered member of
  2. You must be a Silver level member at
  3. You must have an active account in Four Corners Alliance Group.
  4. You must create a new post, with the following information, in our team Facebook Group here...
    1. Your name as it is registered at the TGI site
    2. Your TGI username
    3. Your sponsors (in 4 Corners) TGI username (you may have to contact them first to get this)
    4. State that you have upgraded to Silver
    5. Include a screen shot of either your My Account page, the upgrade page after your payment where it shows your account was updated successfully, or your email payment receipt.
    6. Tell everyone what the biggest reason was that you upgraded to Silver. Was it one or more of the new features coming? It's ok to say it was because of the drawing.
    7. Wait for one of the group admins to PM you telling you your entry has been recorded. It's possible that more than one admin may see your post and PM you. Not a big deal.

Read that list 2 or 3 times if you have to and don't skip anything.



How would you like to get more than one entry in this drawing? Ok, that was a stupid question wasn't it? 🙂  For every one of your direct referrals in 4 Corners that you get to meet all the above Rules and Eligibility Requirements, you will receive one additional entry in this drawing. That's why one of the things everyone needs to post in our FB group is their sponsor's TGI username. Of course, you must already be an eligible entrant yourself, too.

If you upgraded to Silver before this drawing announcement, just make sure you complete all the steps listed above.

Good Luck to everyone!

-Clay Montgomery
Founder, Team Global Impact



  1. Yes thank you i recieved notification n wish everyone including myself luck

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    August 16, 2015

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